Is coach logistics ltd. Sti. general informational article about the law of protection of personal data
6698 numbered law for protection of personal data (kvkk), fundamental rights of people, including custom privacy of life, particularly in the processing of personal data and protect the freedom and personal data processing was real and acceptable to arrange the principles and procedures will comply with the obligations of the entity.
In accordance kvkk, in his capacity as responsible for the data, coach and logistics ltd. Sti. employees, prospective job applicants, customers, visitors and suppliers to the extent specified in the following ways to inform and enlighten kvkk'n Article 10 is as follows. data responsible is coach logistics ltd. Sti. To be appointed by representatives / s, was declared responsible for the identification data when providing legal infrastructure will be announced on the official website in accordance with the legislation.
The purpose of the processing of your personal data collection methods and legal reasons
Personal data is any information that makes people identified or identifiable. such information e.g. Your name, address, e-mail address, or phone number that you use when accessing our website may be data such as the IP address of the computer. personal data wholly or partially automatic, or any data recording system to obtain with non-automatic way on condition that part, record, store, maintain, modification, rearrangement, disclosure, transfer, Takeover, is rendered available, classification or the use any operation performed on data such as the inhibition of the processing of personal data.
Your personal data;
a) in accordance with the law and the rules of honesty,
b) the date correctly and if necessary,
c) specific, explicit and legitimate purposes,
d) connection purposes for which they process are limited and restrained,
e) they are processed for the purpose set forth in the regulations or required to be kept long,
which will be handled by any automatic or non-automatic data recording system, provided that part of the road.
Your personal data by our organization as responsible for carrying out the purposes of logistics data is kept for purposes that follows ..
• Your personal data collected; business partners, suppliers, company officials, law, public authorities and private individuals, our company and the provision of legal and commercial security of the persons in a business relationship with our company, to ensure the execution of the company's human resources and employment policies, determination of commercial and business strategy and implementation,
• creating a database, charting, reporting, verification, analysis and evaluation to produce statistical information and to share them with experts in the work required,
• inform you about our company and the staff in order to contact you directly via communication channels that you have shared with us,
• news about our company in the field of Communication, for the development and use of information in digital and printed media.

Transferring the personal data
Your personal data, our company to fulfill their legal obligations; authorities such as social security institutions, ministries, judicial authorities, public authorities and organizations that provide services for institutions such as banks, will be shared with insurance companies.
taking the necessary security measures in line with personal data processing purposes in accordance with the law of the company's personal data with the personal data and private qualified personal data to third parties (third-party companies, institutions, group companies, the third natural person) can be transferred. arrangement in accordance with our institution moves kvkk'n material 8 and 9 in this direction. Information can be transferred also by taking necessary precautions and wherein the foreign country can be kept in order to perform the said purpose.
Although the Turkish Criminal Code, Article 138 and kvkk'n in accordance with the laws of the relevant provisions as stipulated in Article 7 processed, the reasons that require processing into the disappearance of our company's personal data on the request of the reference or personal data on your own judgment will be deleted, destroyed or anonymous rendered.

Your rights as the owner of the personal data
Article 20 of the Constitution everyone has been demonstrated to have the right to be informed about his or her personal data. in this direction include the rights of the owner's personal data in kvkk'n Article 11 "to request information" were also counted. In this context our institution, in accordance with Article 11 of the constitution of the 20th and kvkk'n if requested information is personal data of the owner to make the necessary information.
And your demand for your rights under coach kvkk logistics ltd. Sti. 'Ate personally or in accordance with the regulations (for example, by a notary public), you can forward it to our mailing address.
Links to other Internet sites
Is Koctur Logistics ltd. web site contains links to other Internet sites. In matters whether they comply with the data protection provisions of the operators of these sites we have no influence. Our company is the content of sites to which they link (and that the content of other sites to which they link the sites) are not responsible for and does not have authority to intervene connection to the content of the sites it provides.
Changes in general informational text about the law of protection of personal data
This "general informational text about the law of protection of personal data" for example, to announce changes to our services in connection with data protection, the provision of new services in order to fulfill legal requirements in force and will be replaced if necessary.

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